Rachel Avonne

Vocalist - Pianist - Songwriter ....What Sets Her Apart Is SOUL

When I first heard Rachel perform, I was immediately struck by her voice, a warm caressing alto with echoes of Rosemary Clooney or Morganna King. Maybe somewhat in the vein of Dianna Krall, but a bit more passionate. I was seduced by her repertoire, a gently nostalgic collection of Great Americal Songs. She delivers those songs straight with taste and feeling. wait until you hear the richly evocative interplay of voice and piano. Close your eyes and be captivated by Rachel's passion as she bares her soul while entrenched in her performance: her notes and overtones mingling with the air around them.

                                                           - Paul Parchment, GM Dallas Petroleum Club

Over the years I have had the incredible privilege to meet, know and/or work with great talent. Many are major stars whos names are known by everyone. A select few of the unknowns are also destined to join that group already headlining around the globe. One such artist is Rachel Avonne. With a style that is mesmerizing, playful and so good it is almost criminal, she reminds of the likes of Janice Joplin, Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday

I was so impressed the first time I heard her perform, I made it a point to seek her out. To my good fortune Rachel agreed to sing a duet on my CD entitled First Press.  The  song is Rachel's original and it's called Again. Working with Rachel is an honor, but watching her perform her interpretation of great songs made popular over the last seventy years is an experience not to be forgotten. Rachel Avonne is a masterful and powerful singer/songwriter/entertainer. Rachel is world class!

                                                                   - Ralph Williams, Ralph Williams Band, Wipeout  Records