Rachel's Journey

Classically trained, Rachel's lifetime path of music began in her native state of Texas. Ms. Avonne's musical ability of composing her own songs developed at the young age of eight. After several years of diligent studies in the arena of classical piano, Rachel discovered her ability to play by ear. By her high school years, residing in Hot Springs, Arkansas, she continued to compose songs and at the age of 16, she was part of a church band with a substantial congregation, crafting the beginnings of gospel and audience interaction.

Ms. Avonne first headlined at the prestigious Hollytree Country Club located in Tyler, TX. In her early twenties, her renditions of the Great American Songbook and Broadway musicals quickly became a favorite with customers who witnessed the young star in the making. "It really was a fluke that I started singing" says Ms. Avonne. "I knew I could play piano, but the customers who sang along needed someone to steer the melody" and in that setting, Rachel's first benefactor backed her at the recording studio.

Since then, she has built loyal fans and followers at many hotels, private clubs,
restaurants and lounges throughout the Dallas Ft Worth area. One of those highlights was the Mansion at Turtle Creek where she headlined as the house band for five years. In this upscale setting Rachel entertained for the likes of Rod Stewart, Robert Goulet, Patti LaBelle, Paul MacCartney, Steve Winwood and Billy Joel. Venues in Telluride, Colorado, Beverly Hills, California, and others came calling as Ms. Avonne continued to impress management and agents. 










These days, audiences at Eddie V's Dallas and Ft Worth are the lucky ones to be within earshot of the dynamic Ms Avonne and her trio. Her ability to encompass various styles all the while maintaining her own unique sound is the reason Rachel remains an A-List performer in an ever changing industry. That same versatility carries over into her songwriting as she continues to compose, well as collaborate on other artist releases.

A seasoned performer, her sound is often described as soulful, yet she can shift moods and segue from one style to another, intriguing her audience with Pop, Motown, Soul, and of course the Great American Songbook. Armed with a classical pianist skill, Rachel remains a favorite of Dallas high society.

Returning to her church roots in recent years as a musical director at the Unity Church on Greenville, Dallas, Tx. ,Rachel's mission is to inspire soul seekers with her well-loved original, uplifting compositions. Blending a secular sound with a gospel edge, she has just finished her newest Cd, "City Streets" which has one track in particular which lends a nod to gospel infused pop, rightly named, " I went to the Mountain"

Vocalist, Pianist, Composer, Bandleader --- Rachel Avonne is an organic talent in a world of sampled music tracks and computerized background music. She is the real deal!